Study Attention and Concentration Reviewed

Study Attention and Concentration Reviewed
The eleventh session of the 10th Training of Mental Skills of the National Olympic Academy's was dedicated to the concept of Attention and Concentration in sports, which was taught by Dr. Khosro Hamzeh, an expert at the Academy's Center for Sports Psychology.

Iran NOC; Tehran: Dr. Hamzeh, as the instructor of this session, who presented the topics related to attention and concentration in two parts to the participants of the course, described applied training in the field of sports psychology as more important and more efficient than theoretical training. The reason for this is that much of what is taught in universities may be different from what is encountered in practice. At the end of the session and after answering the questions of the attendees regarding the two concepts of attention and concentration, he addressed recommendations to the participants regarding better growth in this scientific field.

Dec 12, 2021 10:54
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