Intl. Webinar on Sports Injury Prevention Held

Intl. Webinar on Sports Injury Prevention Held
The first webinar on Sports Injury Prevention was held on December 11 by the Department of Sports Injury Prevention of the NOA Sports Medicine Center.

Iran NOA; Tehran:  Dr. Gharakhanloo, Director of the National Olympic Academy, at the beginning of the webinar, while welcoming the foreign and domestic participants, said: “The performance of an athlete is like two sides of the same coin. On the one hand, there are various factors that play a role in an athlete's performance, such as endurance, agility and strength, which contribute to the development and progress of the athlete”.

He added that on the other side of the coin is proper recovery, proper understanding of injury and injury prevention programs, stating: "Sports injury prevention programs play an important and effective role in the athlete's future performance, which should be considered by athletes and coaches and sports team doctors”.

In the end, Dr. Gharakhanloo, while expressing his happiness for holding this international webinar and the presence of prominent scientific speakers in the world, thanked the members of the Department of Sports Injury Prevention of the National Olympic Academy and other officials for holding this webinar and held: “The National Olympic Academy of Iran can meet all the needs and facilities that athletes and coaches require from a scientific and practical point of view”.

In this international webinar, Professor Lars Ingerberson, Lecturer at the University of Oslo and the Sports Injury Research Center and Head of Scientific Activities of the International Olympic Committee; Medical Preventive Center at the University of Saarland, as well as top researcher Katherine Stephen, Ph.D. at the Oslo Center for Sport Injury Studies at the School of Sport and the Norwegian Olympic Training Center gave lectures.

It is worth mentioning that the webinar was held in English and at the end of each speech, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Alizadeh, Dr. Elham Shirzad, Dr. Seyed Shamsuddin Taghavi and Dr. Alireza Shahab, members of the Department of Sports Injury Prevention, summarized the lectures.

Dec 14, 2020 10:31
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