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Center for Studies, Library and Oral History

Center for Studies, Library and Oral History

The center serves as a specialized center for sports studies and archives in order to advance educational, research, historical and cultural goals related to the country's sports and provides relevant services. In addition to providing continuous services to face-to-face clients, it has a mission to establish extensive and constructive communication with its audience at the national and international levels by developing infrastructure and using information technology. In recent years, the Secretariat of the Oral History of the country's sports has been established in this complex and tries to conduct research, documentation, preparation of rush, film, etc. in relations to the history of sports in the country with effective steps and in cooperation with the Sport, Olympic and Paralympic Museum.

Objectives and duties:

- In-person distance response to the research-educational needs of the country's sports community in the cultural, historical, artistic fields related to sports and the Olympic and continental events.

- Cooperation and participation in scientific, cultural and research fields with other scientific organizations in order to realize some of the strategies of the National Olympic Committee and Academy

- Continuous updating of data, archives, documents, written and non-written sources related to the country's sports and some international data

- Cooperation and partnership with the National Sport, Olympic and Paralympic Museum

- Coordinating, organizing, documenting the meetings of the Sports Oral History Council of the country and its specialized working groups, preparing the archive of documents and documentation of the research projects of the oral history of the country's sports, coordinating, organizing and holding workshops related to oral history

- Continuous updating of infrastructure and using modern information technology methods