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Public Relations Department

Public Relations Department

Public relations in multilaterally helps fulfill the mission and goals of the organization. This section of the Academy communicates continuously with all news centers and internal social networks, documenting, managing the website of the organization, audio-visual section, graphics and publications, managing and transferring content on the website through the following:

Objectives and Duties:

1. Development and use of scientific and modern methods of public relations

2. Continuous cooperation with managers and members of other parts of the organization, in informing and effectively implementing various activities and programs.

3. Set up and publishing newsletters, brochures, posters in print and also its electronic reflection on the website

4. Production of news, photos, videos, documents and reports of various activities of the organization and its reflection to various news networks as well as information through the website

5. Participating in holding cultural, artistic, sports and various events and festivals in the organization or attendance and consultations in related cases outside the organization.

6. Preparation of film photo and archives

7. Foregrounding the optimal reflection of news, information, expert opinions, interviews, documentation with emphasis on ethical characteristics in social and organizational relations such as honesty, transparency, and integrity.

8. Cooperation and participation in international relations

9. Continuous efforts to effectively and correctly introduce the National Olympic Academy to the community and different audiences and attract more target audiences