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Physical Fitness Assessment and Development Center

Physical Fitness Assessment and Development Center


The purpose of establishing this center is to equip and form various departments such as measuring and measuring fitness factors, sports physiology laboratory and strength training, biomechanics and sports engineering, as well as anatomy, while measuring and evaluating the physical abilities of athletes and presenting class results to athletes themselves, coaches, federations, and managers. The center strives to improve the performance, athletic performance, and development of athletes. Also, the center holds specialized courses and workshops for national teams, conducts sports research projects with the cooperation of top universities and sports institutes in the country, and participates in all educational programs of the academy, especially from an early age, in order to promote, promote. And the scientific development of the country's sports is working.


Objectives and duties:

- Measuring, analyzing and reviewing the results of athletes' physical fitness tests

- Providing national standards for physical fitness factor tests in all sports

- Consulting in designing, guiding and controlling the training of athletes in different sports

- Providing new practice methods

- Evaluating the results of athletes' fitness tests and consulting with coaches and team managers of various sports teams

- Designing and implementing laboratory projects in various fields of sports science

- Evaluating, modifying and provideing appropriate motor skills for athletes

- Designing, organizing, implementing educational programs, training, joint research projects with the participation of clubs, federations, universities, educational centers, ... at the national and international levels.

- Quantitative and qualitative development of knowledge of coaches

-Identifying sports talents and leading them to the highest levels of championship