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Olympic Values Education Program (OVEP)

Olympic Values Education Program (OVEP)

Given the importance and expansion of development programs and promoting Olympic values, the diversity of its audiences at the level of sports organizations and society, as part of the mission of the National Olympic Committees and Academies based on the Olympic Charter and the 2020 International Olympic Committee instruction; the Olympic Values Education Program (OVEP) was established in order to provide content and to strengthen the "Olympic Value-Based Education" programs at the National Olympic Academy.

Objectives & Duties:

- Continuous study of the guidelines of the International Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Academy in this regard in order to provide up-to-date resources and content of relevant activities and programs and their application in the educational programs of sports organizations.

-Introducing, training and promoting Olympic values in all educational programs of Olympic organizations, especially programs related to national athletes.

- Attracting support and promotion of Olympic values among prominent, famous people, artists, officials, etc. at the community level in order to create responsibility among them for the development and promotion of these values through their field of work.

- Expanding the audience community in the country by emphasizing on communities with more needs such as vulnerable and less unprivileged children and students.

-Continuous interaction with other sports organizations, especially the physical education department of the Ministry of Education, in order to cover the maximum community of physical education teachers and students across the country with joint programs of Olympic values and physical education in schools and bilateral activities.

- Continuous interaction with champions and popular Olympians in order to create role model at the community level (especially continuous communication with the Athletes Commission)

- Continuous communication with the agencies of international social organizations such as the United Nations and UNESCO in the country in order to define and implement joint programs such as social development through sports.

- Defining and implementing various and effective programs and projects in this field in order to attract more support for the Olympic Solidarity.

- Partnership with domestic sports and social organizations (NGOs) to develop health, vitality, hope, environmental sustainability in the community through sports.

- Development and promotion of the Olympism in practice among all organizational departments in the Academy and the National Olympic Committee.

- Participating and using every opportunity such as gatherings, seminars, workshops and training courses to introduce and promote values.

- Presence, interaction and participation with scientific, artistic, cultural centers of the country in order to take advantage of their potential and increase the synergy in developing and promoting Olympic values among different segments of society.

- Establishing relationships and partnerships with relevant sports organizations at the international level


-Educational Resources

-Calendar of programs (including course, workshop, participation, conference, exhibition, competition, ...)

-Movies and photos