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Education & Research Center

Education & Research Center


In order to fulfill the major role and mission of the National Olympic Committees and Academies in order to develop and strengthen high-performance and sports for all sections (Article 27, Paragraph 2 of the Olympic Charter) in the country, the National Olympic Academy Education Center supervises all educational and research programs related to sports managers, athletes, coaches, physical education teachers, , students, etc. and all its sports stakeholders with an emphasis on the development of Olympic values.


- Planning, organizing, participating, implementing, controlling and evaluating all educational programs related to different sections of the National Olympic Academy and some different sections of the National Olympic Committee.

- Implementing various programs and trainings in the community with the aim of introducing, promoting and developing the ideals and goals of the Olympic Movement, such as the Olympic Day.

- Ensuring the strengthening of capabilities, updating, familiarizing, education of its audience within the framework of the mission of the organization and the Olympic Charter at the national level.

- Recruting and inviting the best experts and specialists of sports sciences in the country in order to teach and guide their educational programs.

- Cooperation with scientific centers and prestigious universities of sports sciences in the country's educational programs and courses.

- Participating and cooperating in holding seminars, congresses and workshops related to the goals of the academy.

- Cooperation and partnership with related programs in the Olympic Solidarity, including technical courses, management courses, OVEP, training courses and national, regional and international symposiums, scholarships and dispatches.

- Participating and cooperating with the International Olympic Academy and transferring the achievements of attending in the international meetings of this organization at the level of the organization and the country.

- Publishing historical, scientific, technical, educational, artistic and artistic books and publications related to the country's sports, Olympics, Paralympics, national champions, sports coaches and influential people in the country's sports.