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Aqua Training Center & Pool

Aqua Training Center & Pool


The pool and aqua training center of the Olympic Academy is active with the following facilities and services with the aim of providing services to athletes, clients, individuals participating in some programs of the academy, as well as its employees:

Center sections:

• SPA section

• Aqua Trianing exercises section

• Relaxation and recovery section

• Aqua Research Department

Tasks and services:

1. Provide rehabilitation & recovery (pool, sauna, Jacuzzi) to relieve fatigue caused for the athletes training in the spa section.

2. Providing water training services using resistance and floating equipment and performing simulated exercises in various sports to maintain physical fitness factors.

3. Providing services to return to the original state and fatigue relief by using devices 1- One Agora 2- One Vision 3- Three-way shower 4- Sand stations, for relaxation

4. Carrying out research projects and dissertations in cooperation with the country's physical education universities.