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Management & Planning Center

Management & Planning Center

The Management and Planning Center has been established in order to apply the current knowledge of management in sports organizations, measuring, matching and applying it in the performance of the academy, as well as monitoring and managing the organization's strategic plans in order to achieve the following goals and roles:

1. Assisting and supporting program-oriented activities in order to achieve the goals and mission of the academy

2. Helping improve the process of strategic planning and supervision in the academy and participation in this field with the country's sports organizations

3. Improving attitudes, promoting the level of knowledge and practical skills of human resource management of the target groups of the academy, including improving the performance of young athletes and women, coaches, managers and supervisors of delegations to major sporting events.

4. Presenting management strategies in the field of attracting, maintaining and promoting human resources and creating an organization's human resources training system.

5. Cooperation and participation with the country's scientific centers, experts, as well as national and international social organizations in strengthening the management of the organization's programs.

6. Holding / participating in conferences, workshops and training courses in the field of management of sports organizations.

7. Participating in the compilation, translation, publication, research in the field of management of sports organizations, as well as special practical materials for sports managers and coaches.

8. Help improve knowledge and management skills of academy managers and sports organizations.

7. Strengthen international relations in line with the mission and goals of the organization

9. Improving service quality

10. Strengthening the volunteer system in the field of sports in the country

11. Improving the structure and management skills of managers of organizations and sports clubs in the country

12. Cooperation in management programs in appropriate cases at the regional and international levels