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Medical Sports Center

Medical Sports Center


Given the importance and role of sports medicine in maintaining health and improving the performance of national athletes, the Medical Sports Center of the National Olympic Academy as a specialized, scientific, educational and research center with four approaches to developing the center in the field of communication and production of sports medicine, equipment and relevant hardware and software, sports medicine information base for athletes and services to athletes in different parts of the center is responsible.

The center's departments include: Sports Clinic, Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy, Heart and Sports and Specialized Evaluation, Sports Nutrition, Sports Injury Prevention, Information Management

Objectives and tasks:

- Reviewing and updating scientific-applied projects with the aim of improving the development of sports medicine, nutrition, and sports rehabilitation at the national, regional and international levels.

- Holding medical-sports, nutrition and sports rehabilitation training courses at different levels of athletes, coaches, experts, managers, officials of federations and sports medicine family of the country

- Providing specialized medical services and care for athletes of national teams

- Creating databases

- Preparing and compiling educational resources and sports medicine information publications

- Providing counseling services to meet medical needs and prevent sports injuries and provide information packages to achieve healthy and safe exercise.

- Carrying out periodic and specialized examinations of professional athletes in various fields such as specialized evaluation of athletes' hearts