Expertise Meeting of Women’s National Teams Fitness Coaches Held

Expertise Meeting of Women’s National Teams Fitness Coaches Held
An expertise meeting for coaches of women's national teams was held at the National Olympic Academy with the presence of Ms. Tahereh Taherian, Vice President of the National Olympic Committee.

Iran NOC; Tehran: Dr. Hamid Agha Ali Nejad, the Director of the Expertise Meeting of Women’s National Teams Fitness Coaches at the beginning of the opening ceremony, welcomed the participants and explained the reasons for holding this meeting. He highlighted that according to the approvals and policies of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) up to 2024, the number of medals won by women in the Olympic Games should be equal to those of men.

He added: “For this reason, this international organization has recommended to all member countries (IOC) to hold all their important international competitions that are physically and physiologically prepared in the men's and women's sections equally”.

Ms. Taherian, NOC Vice President, while thanking the President of the National Olympic Academy for his special attention to women's sports, stated: “Considering the special emphasis of the International Olympic Committee on gender equality in sports, Dr. Gharakhanlou, as the NOA Director has indicated his support for women's sports by holding workshops and specialized training courses, expanding and strengthening the sports activities of women while employing the best sports experts in NOA”.

Taherian, after pointing out that the existence of a female fitness coaches in all sports was once one of her dreams, explained: “we started the first fitness courses for women in 1986 in the Enghelab Sports Complex which was warmly welcomed by those interested in this topic from all over the country”.

Taherian described the presence of nearly 100 professional and active female fitness coaches introduced on behalf of NFs in the meeting as unique in the world and said to the audience: “Undoubtedly, there are coaches among you who work better than men. Make the most of the opportunity to help the growth and development of women's sports in the future”.

Expertise Meeting of Women’s National Teams Fitness Coaches was held with the aim of updating the knowledge of these coaches in the field of designing strength, endurance and speed exercises for elite female athletes.

The topics that were presented to the participating coaches were: the role and position of female fitness coaches in the development of high-performance sports (Dr. Reza Gharakhanlou), training considerations in designing endurance exercises for elite female athletes (Dr. Rana Fayyaz Milani), Practical considerations in designing strength and power training for elite female athletes (Dr. Padideh Bolourizadeh) and Practical considerations in designing speed training (Sanaz Mojtabavi).

Sep 15, 2020 13:43
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