Sports Nutrition during Coronavirus Epidemic

Sports Nutrition during Coronavirus Epidemic
The face-to-face workshop on sports nutrition and nutrition considerations in the Corona conditions was held on by the Department of Sports Nutrition of the Sports Medicine Center of the National Olympic Academy.

Iran NOA; Tehran: because of the current situation due to the prevalence of corona, the Department of Sports Nutrition, with the aim of promoting the knowledge of athletes and other sports nutrition enthusiasts, organized a training webinar entitled Sports Nutrition and Nutrition Considerations during Corona Epidemic with weight control, muscle mass and strengthening the immune system approaches.

The most important topics presented to the participants in this workshop were:

Introducing corona prone groups and its causes, dietary threats related to these conditions and the factors that turn these threats into opportunities, recommendations of the World Health Organization, indicators of quality of diet, weight control (beliefs, risks and suggestions), investigating the conditions of inactivity during corona days, changes in the immune system and appropriate strategies to strengthen it.

Jun 14, 2020 09:42
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